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Our Story


Bud and Kimberly Huffman are the visionary and founders of Mattaw Ministries which includes Mattaw Children’s Village, Kimbilio girls home, Mizizi women’s group, Turkana Outreach and Mattaw Safari Company.

When Kimberly was 16, she had a personal encounter with God that changed her life. She was watching a CNN special about the harsh realities of what women and children endure in war torn villages in the Democratic of Congo. She knew that she was called to go and love and be with who the world would consider the poorest of the poor. When she was 19 she went to South Africa and fell in love with the children and culture. It was there that she made the connection to an orphanage being built in Kenya that was in need of volunteers. In 2005, at 20 years old she sold everything she had and all she owned went with her in a suitcase to Kenya. She was going to simply be a mother to the orphaned. Kimberly went with one other friend to a remote village where the orphanage had just opened a month before they arrived. The day she arrived and children came running and welcomed them. This marked her for life as it was a deep sense of knowing this is was a huge part of what God had created her for. The orphanage was a big institution with a large dorm type setting. In one room was 25 girls and in the room next to it was 25 boys. There were two Kenyan house moms to oversee them all. Kimberly and her friend were asked to manage the entire orphanage by the local elders of the village. During this year, it was one full of challenges and heartaches. They lost a little girl due to HIV and did the funeral, exposed corruption, saw many children overlooked in an institutional setting and discovered orphanages are often used to appeal to the western world in order to gain financially.

It was through that time where God began to birth the vision of a new model which would be Mattaw. After helping to manage this orphanage for a year, Bud moved over. He had planned to go for a 6 month trip but ended up falling in love with the children and discovering it was his life mission too. He often wrestled with God over if and when he should be in Kenya but had such a desire to serve and obey God and kept saying yes.

In January of 2007, Bud and Kimberly were married and were on a plane back to Kenya the week after their wedding.

What they thought was a mission to bring orphans into a family has now turned into more. Their heart is for the orphaned, widows, the poorest of the poor and also for those orphaned physically and spiritually. Many people’s hearts are the same spiritually as they are physically of the children we rescue. Longing to belong in family.

We have an amazing leadership team at the Mattaw Children’s Village. The vision from the start was to train up and empower Kenyans to be the ones on the ground carrying the vision of Mattaw. Since 2015, Bud and Kimberly have been able to release their management team to run Mattaw without them living there. The Huffman family felt a leading to spend more time in Turkana. Turkana is a desert region in northern Kenya. It is the poorest region of Kenya and has many challenges such as lack of food, clean water, lack of education and the need of deeper discipleship within the churches we partner with. Bud and Kimberly have four Kenyan sons in their family. Three of them are originally from Turkana. Two of them were once “glue boys” living on the streets of Kitale. They have been part of the Huffman family since the summer of 2007. It is a miraculous story of how God led them to find the families of their sons in Turkana in 2012. Although people tend to not be as welcoming in the Turkana tribe, the family to their boys welcomed the Huffman’s in. It is in the villages their boys came from that the Huffman’s began reaching out to know and love families there. They travel often to Turkana as a family to host kids camps and help meet needs of the families in our program. Bud travels several times a year to disciple the leadership within local churches they partner with. They have many dreams and visions for the mission in Turkana and are believing for God’s perfect timing in them all.

Their mission is simple: to love those God guides them to with the love Abba Father has so graciously shown them.

“I have declared to them Your name and will declare it, that the love with which you loved me may be in them.” John 17:26

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Mattaw Ministries is a recognized non profit incorporation with a 501 (c) (3) tax status. All donations given to Mattaw Ministries are tax deductible. Please consider giving today.

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