It’s a Merry Mattaw Christmas !  And we wanted to say Merry Christmas to all our friends and family around the world.  We also want to give a huge shout of ASANTE (thank you) to our good good Father for sending His son into the world to rescue, redeem and release the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.  We also thank all of you who gave to make our day so merry and bright.  It was a gorgeous day of celebrating Jesus and the family God has given us here at Mattaw.  We are beyond blessed for the gift of family!

The week before Christmas, our children all took turns going in groups to town to shop in the market for their new clothes.  They were all given a budget and got to pick out their Christmas outfit.  It was a brilliant idea to make it a special gift, to let them know they’re super loved and to make them feel like sons and daughters.  The older ones learned how to bargain and how to plan for what they wanted to buy.  They learned if they got one shirt instead of two, then they could get a hat.  Or if they picked different shoes, they could also buy a jacket.  It was precious to see the littlest ones get to go to town in the big land cruisers and walk into the “mall” to pick out new clothes.  Their eyes were wide open and massive smiles glued to their faces.  We also bought them snack and sodas as a treat after some tiring, but fun, shopping.  For the Christmas party, the mamas got up super early to start cooking the big feast.  While they cooked, the kids got the place cleaned then they put on their new clothes and walked around waiting patiently for the party like they were the most loved kids ever.  We had our big feast and opened presents.  We were able to give them bags with goodies.  The littlest boys got toy motorcycles and the little girls all got new baby dolls.  Everyone was excited for chocolate, new cups, little flashlights, sunglasses and soda.  It was oh so merry and bright!  They then played with their gifts and the big kids played on our newly fixed volleyball court.  That night, the kids then had a big dance party.  At first we were bummed that the lights wouldn’t work but everyone busted out their new little flashlights, we turned on christmas dance party music and had a blast!  Afterwards, the littlest were wiped out and went to bed.  The oldest were stirred to gather up and have a time of prayer and worship to our King Jesus.  It was beautiful and an answer to prayer to see our youth hunger and go after the Lord like that.  Jesus was honoured and the place was full of His presence.  It was a day full of heavenly gifts.  Thank you again for being a part of making this happen, big hugs sent from our family to yours!

Here’s a few pictures from the day….


































Much love from the Mattaw children and leaders,

Rescue a life.

Redeem a soul.

Release the Kingdom.







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