At Mattaw Children’s Village, we have expanded in a few areas and call these our “branches”.  One of those areas is babies.  These are the tiniest little treasures brought to us that have been abandoned or orphaned. Some of them have literally on their last breaths of life and God lead us to them at the right time to see them rescued, redeemed and now the Kingdom of God released through their little lives to bring God glory.  Our new Sprout’s manager is Rebecca Weaver.  If you would like to read more frequent updates on these precious babes, you can follow her blog:

Here’s our newest video sharing the heart and vision of the Sprouts Baby Home.  If you’d like to help these babies receive the best care and help us rescue more, you can start by helping get this video out to the public!  Another huge way is by sponsoring one of these babies.  You can do so by hitting the sponsor tab above, filling out your information and then requesting to sponsor a Sprouts Baby.  Enjoy seeing our sweet babes in this video below.


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