Currently our biggest need at Mattaw is sponsorship of our children. We have over 100 children that we aim to provide the best care possible in every area of the child’s life. By sponsoring one of these children’s lives, you are giving them a hope and a future. You are partnering with God’s heart to help care for the orphaned. You are giving life to those once forgotten. $35 per month helps give children a home. A place where they are no longer an orphan but are called sons and daughters. By sponsoring, you are giving children a home, education, a christian upbringing, a safe place to play and a well balanced meal.

Many of our children have come from backgrounds where they dug through trash to eat. Some of them went from one hut to the next begging for food so they could feed themselves and their younger siblings they were left to care for. Some were being prostituted out for food. Many would go to bed many nights in a row without eating. Several of our children came from households that would brew homemade alcohol. If there was no food in the house, the adults in the house would give the children the left over maize and barley that was used in making the alcohol. This would make them drunk but would help them sleep and take away hunger pains.

This is an injustice.

No child should have to be raised in this environment. No child should go to sleep hungry, especially after spending all day forced to do hard labor. At Mattaw Children’s Village, we have many gardens that grow a variety of fruits and vegetables. We also have a chicken project that provide chicken twice a week in the food menu and also provides eggs for the children. We have a dairy project as well that helps provide our children with milk. We also include in their diet yoghurt, bread, chapati and beef. These are foods that were considered a luxury and only fit for a king, when it should be a basic need met in a children’s diet. Through sponsorship, you are helping us restore a child’s physical well-being.

To share a bit more on what a massive impact sponsoring a child makes, we want to share a few stories about three little boys at Mattaw Children’s Village.  These three lives were changed in many ways by coming to Mattaw but one specific area was with the diet provided.

Meet Kevin, Brison and Ryan.

brison, kevin, ryan














Kevin and Brison are twin brothers that were referred to us by another organization that works in a slum outside of Kitale.  Both were affected by the same disease that killed their mom and because of that, they were looked down upon and not cared for well.  Brison is the stronger of the two so he was able to learn how to walk, which helped him find food more easily.  Kevin though, was very weak and at 5 years old still had not walked.  We first met him in a local hospital where he was abandoned.  By the looks of him, we thought he was 2 years old and could hardly believe he was 5.  Once he started talking, which the boy has always loved to do, we soon realized he was indeed 5.  The thing he talked the most to us at first about was bananas and oranges.  We then found out that one of the adults in the mud room he slept in, inside the slum, would sell fruits in the market.  If Kevin was fortunate enough, he would get some of the scraps of fruits going bad.  So we brought him nice clean and good fruits the next time we visited him in the hospital.  You would have thought he won a trip to Disney World, the kid was so happy.

kevo and banana





















After spending a week being treated in the hospital for various sicknesses such as malaria, he was then released into our care.  At the time Mattaw Children’s Village was full and the boys were in need of more one on one care.  We had missionary friends that had just told us weeks before that they would care for children placed in our care for a period of time to restore them back to being healthy enough to be transitioned into a Mattaw home.

kevo and brison playing
















Our friends cared for the boys as their own.  Their healing started by simply being loved and doing things little boys like to do, like play with cars and trains.  One of the biggest success stories is they taught Kevin to walk.  We are so thankful for how God has had such a detailed plan in restoring each life.

That year, we also were referred to Ryan.  Ryan was abandoned in the same hospital and slept in the same bed Kevin did.

ryan first















At that time, he was also sharing the bed with our Sprout’s baby, Lucy.  We were told that Ryan was tied up in a plastic sack and left on the side of the road.  Someone found him and brought him to the hospital.  He remained abandoned in the bed for over a month when he was placed in our care.  We were told he was around 3 years old but because of severe malnourishment, his body was the size of a 1 year old or less.  He too did not know how to walk.  He stayed in Sprouts Baby Home until he could walk and was healthier.  Although he was so small, he understood more than you would think.  He would beg for attention by crying, yelling and hitting.  He had to be taught that there was plenty of love and attention for him now.  He also would try to steal food from the other babies.  If food was in sight and he wasn’t eating it, he would throw an all out fit.  He had to be taught that there would always be enough food for him.

These three boys have overcome much at such a small age but we’ve seen our God of miracles restore them back to life.  Their destinies were full of destruction, poverty and brokenness.  They now have a hope and a future.  They are tucked in a warm bed at night by parents that call them their sons.  They don’t have to worry where their next meal will come from.  They are healthy and love to run around playing soccer, swinging and playing with cars.

Their childhood is restored and justice wins!

Not only is food essential but so is relationships.  We were created to walk in family and to know love.  These three boys have been loved back to life by the love of Jesus.  This love has been shown to them through their new parents and now through each other.  Our fifth home at Mattaw Children’s Home, Ukarimu House, was open in March of 2014.  These three boys now live in Ukarimu House together as brothers.

To those that sponsor, we thank you for your continued support to help little lives such as these three.  To those considering sponsoring a child, we can tell you that every child at Mattaw has a similar story to these and that by investing in a life through sponsorship, you are changing lives.  Your support is doing unto them as you would to Jesus.  For it was Jesus himself that said….

“Whatever you do unto the least of these, you have done unto me”

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