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Sprouts baby home is a home for babies who have been neglected, abandoned, abused, and/or malnourished. Our heart is that these babies would know that they are chosen and deeply loved, no longer orphans but sons and daughters. Sprouts was established in the summer of 2013 with four babies. Each unique case in our pilot home has helped shape the structure and function of the home. We will eventually build a much bigger home to house many more babies. Our vision is to take in babies from birth to two years old, making exceptions for children five years old and younger who are extremely malnourished requiring special care. At the age of two, or when an older child has been rehabilitated, they will transition from Sprouts to a Mattaw home.

first babes

The first four Sprout’s babies, July 2013

Babies end up in our care for a variety of reasons. Some have been neglected or abandoned due to being sick or having special needs. Many come from extreme poverty and families do not possess the resources or education to properly care for them. Many babies are abandoned at the local public hospital, and are then legally placed in our home through the children’s department and children’s court. We have also received babies referred by organizations working in local slums. After finding cases in the slums, we go through proper legal procedures to have them committed into our care.


Our Sprouts baby girls, November 2014


Sweet Moses, November 2014

After being placed in the care of Sprouts baby home, a baby is medically evaluated and any immediate need is addressed. Since many of the babies come to Sprouts malnourished one of our first priorities is to develop a nutrition plan to meet each baby’s specific needs. It is amazing what prayer, proper nutrition, and a lot of love can do to restore the lives of these sweet babies. We ensure that each of our babies receive the best care possible and for our babies with special needs that means physical therapy three times a week. We currently have five babies who are nurtured and cared for by four loving aunties who rotate shifts throughout the week.

rebecca babies

Meet Rebecca.

Rebecca is our Sprouts baby home manager. She came to volunteer with Mattaw in January 2014 and stayed until October 2014. During that time, it was clear that she would come back in January 2015 to be a part of the Mattaw family long term. She has such a nurturing heart that desires to see each baby’s life restored through love. She is a nurse as well which has been such a blessing in helping with any medical needs the babies have. We are thankful to have her as part of the team and the babies sure do love her!  If you would like to follower her personal journey living here in Kenya, you can go to her blog: http://rebeccainkenya.wordpress.com/

Over the course of the past year we have witnessed countless miracles and stand in awe of God as he continues to restore and heal each of our sweet babies. They each radiate so much of the Father’s joy and you can’t help but smile in their presence. In order to provide the best care for our babies, we have set up a sponsorship program. Sponsorship helps cover the cost of formula and nutrient rich foods, medical needs, physical therapy, and staff salaries. It also helps with daily needs such as cleaning supplies, wipes, and detergent for washing the cloth diapers. By sponsoring one of our sweet babies, you are investing in their life and helping them to know just how adored and loved they are.

If you are led to sponsor one of our Sprouts babies, you can click on the “Sponsor a Child” tab and follow the instructions from there. When filling out information, just state that you would like to sponsor a Sprouts baby. If you have any questions please email Rebecca: rweaver2287@gmail.com.

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