Kimbilio is the word “refuge” in Swahili.  Kimbilio is exactly what its name means.  It is a house of refuge for girls between ages 7-13 that have been physically or sexually abused, severely neglected, child-trafficked, forced into early marriage and/or incest cases.

Our mission is to rescue girls from the worst of the worst environments and bring them into Kimbilio House where they are safe.  The day they are rescued is the day their lives begin a journey of restoration and healing.  Their destinies are restored.  Life and hope are given back to them.  Their innocence is restored.  They are free to be children.


(one day they got to make princess tutus and taught how they are royalty according to God!)

Kimbilio was established in March of 2012.  We found there were many young girls being forced into extremely abusive situations.  As we began to listen to the cries of these young girls, found mostly in slums, God’s grace and compassion were upon us as He gave us a heart to hear them and respond as He directed.  Isaiah 61 is the core chapter of our mission in all we do.  It talks about giving us a crown of beauty instead of ashes.  These girls’ stories speak of what seems impossible for someone to endure but truly our God has brought them to Kimbilio and is giving them beauty out of ashes. Isaiah 61 also states that we are to declare freedom for the captives.  We have rescued girls by busting down doors of mud huts to find them trapped in a dark room, hidden away and left to die.  Some were being sold in their villages for sex in exchange for a mandazi (doughnut type food) or for money as little as 25 cents.  One case was of an 11-year-old girl being prepared by a witch doctor to be his next bride.  We praise God for saving her from that and the restoration in her life is miraculous.  Girls are legally placed in our home through the children’s department and child’s court in the surrounding areas where Kimbilio is located.  In certain cases we have made exceptions on the ages that are placed in Kimbilio.  Our youngest, thus far, has been four years old so far.  Because she was so young, she was able to be rehabilitated and transitioned into a family at the Mattaw Children’s Village.

Because of the trauma from which they are healing, our girls require a home of their own.  At Kimbilio we provide a safe and loving environment in which every girl will get their lost childhood redeemed.  You can often find them singing, running, dancing and most importantly laughing.  These are all things that were stolen from them, but now are restored.   We have a social worker, teachers and house moms equipped to walk alongside these girls in their journey of being restored.  We currently have 13 girls with 5 house moms that rotate morning and night shifts.  We also have two teachers that teach the girls on site.


(our girls at school, showing us their new socks they get to wear on certain fun days)

Currently, the girls are divided into two classrooms.  One class has five girls in it that only go to school half-day.  The half-day class is comprised of girls recovering from the most extreme abuse affecting their mind and ability to learn for long periods of time.  We are working with some of these girls to discover skills in which they can be trained in to help sustain them as they enter into adulthood, for example clothes tailoring.  One girl that is 17 now has very little strength in her legs due to the physical abuse she endured.  She is unable to work a sewing machine, so we hope to train her on how to make sweaters, which requires a machine that only uses your hands.  Another girl can’t stay focused long enough to do sewing projects but she enjoys beadwork; so will be taught how to make beaded jewelry.

hands girlsThe more advanced girls in our other classroom are using the same curriculum we are using at Mattaw Children’s Village.  This curriculum is called Accelerated Christian Education.  For most of our girls, before coming to Kimbilio they were unable to go to school because of the lifestyle they were forced into.  With this curriculum we have found it helps catch them up and they can advance through different grades. Those that are motivated to get an education, we provide schooling up until they can graduate.  At that time, just as we do at Mattaw, we have our team of social workers, managers, house moms and directors who sit and pray to decide what direction that child will go (such as trade school, college, university or they are trained within Kimbilio and are able to help in a small business we trust).  The curriculum we use is more expensive than public schools and is partly why we require more than one sponsor per girl.

In order to provide holistic care for our girls rescued, we have set up a sponsorship program just like we have for the Mattaw Children.

Sponsorship helps covers the cost of schooling, training in a skill, a well balanced diet, medical needs that almost every girls initially comes into the home with, and staff salaries.  It also helps with daily needs such as toiletry items, clothes, school uniforms and shoes.  By sponsoring one of our girls, you are changing the destiny of these beautiful girls and helping us to rescue more.  We have seen over the past couple of years that our God is truly a God of miracles.  We have had girls that were told they weren’t loved and worthless and now they know what God has to say about them.  They know God formed them, created them and regardless of their past, He chooses them to be His daughter.



If you are led to sponsor one of the Kimbilio girls, you can click on sponsor a child tab and follow instructions from there.  When filling out information, just state that you would like to sponsor a Kimbilio girl.  The only difference in sponsoring a Kimbilio girl and a Mattaw child is that we require that no pictures of the girls faces are ever posted publicly or online.  In order to protect our girls, we do not share faces and especially do not share details of stories with faces.  Thank you for understanding!  Any questions you have, please email Kimberly:

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