Mattaw Videos: The Village

Mattaw Children's Village was started in the hearts of many individuals years ago.  It was officially established in 2008 and we welcomed home our first 12 children.  Ultimately, it was all birthed out of the heart of God and His desire to see orphans cared for and restored into a family.  It was through a

Mattaw Videos: Isaiah 61

We are thrilled to launch our newest set of videos about Mattaw Ministries!  Over the past 3 years, we've "branched" out into new areas and want to share with you more details.  But first, the main part of Mattaw is the Children's Village.  In 2010, a video was created of some of our children sharing

Talents Arising

Hello from Kenya!  We are excited to share some new happenings around Mattaw Children's Village.  We have been quiet here on our site, but we have a lot of updates to share and new videos coming up of each area of Mattaw Ministries! This year has been a great year of more dreams coming true.  We

A Merry Mattaw Christmas 2014 This year was a wonderful Christmas at Mattaw as we celebrated the birth of our Saviror, Jesus Christ.  We also celebrated that He is coming back to earth to ransom his beautiful bride.  It was a wonderful season of being reminded of why we celebrate Christmas.  The children at Mattaw did an

Mattaw 360: July 2014

Hey friends and family of Mattaw, We are taking you around Mattaw Children's Village today to share a bit of what is going on.  We currently have our fourth team here.  We have been so blessed by all of our teams for all the big and small things they've done!  A huge thanks for all

June Update

Hey friends and family of Mattaw, We wanted to take you around Mattaw a bit to share what is going on.  We will be doing weekly "Mattaw 360 updates" to share what is currently going on all around the Mattaw family. Our most recent home opened at Mattaw is house five.  It was opened in

Happy GOOD Friday!

Bwana Asifiwe!  (Praise the Lord) Amen! A quick update to say hi and direct you over to the Huffman's blog! We have some updates to share from across the sea but check out the update in the above link and we'll be sharing with you soon!  All our children, from 6 months old up

House FIVE!

Today we want to share with you about how incredible our Papa God is!  In 2011, house five was built by a team (thank you all that were part of that!).  We thought surely we could have house parents trained, funds for the finishings and furnishings on the inside and get new babies moved in

Mattaw 360: Day 43

Hi and welcome back to our first Mattaw360 blog of 2014!  Happy new year! Last year we started sharing with you the whole vision of Mattaw and have called it "Mattaw 360".  This is a chance for those that are new to Mattaw to start on day one all the way through day sixty, where

Our Merry Mattaw Christmas Part 2

After the moms and dads spent all morning cooking and preparing, we then welcomed the Deputy President of Kenya  and his wife, Mrs. Rachel Ruto.  You can read about that on part 1.  After the excitement of our honored guests came, we began our feast.  The day before Christmas, we slaughtered one of our bulls

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