Part of our mission is to see the gospel of Jesus released on the earth.  So much of that will happen as our children are raised up and released into the world as adults.  Our children are rescued at a young age but they do grow up!  We love the rescue and redeeming part of our children’s lives but this phase of releasing them is the most critical and impactful part.  We commit to providing for our children up until they are through with university or a technical school.  This is where so much of the beauty comes from ashes and a rebuilding of a nation is seen tangibly.  This is when cycles of poverty is broken and lives are given tools necessary to thrive in life.  We desire for our children to always consider the family at Mattaw, their home.  Just as every family has hopes of sending their children out into the world feeling equipped and confident, we do too.

In Kenya, students take a test in the 8th grade in order to see where you will go to high school.  School in Kenya is free to attend up until the 8th grade.  It is not free to attend high school in Kenya.  We currently have children in college, high school and some that will soon enter college and high school.  Our children who just completed 8th grade are Juma, Vane, Daisy, John, Dan and Maureen.  We are so proud of them and their hard work in their studies!  They have overcome so many obstacles in their lives and we anticipate the future and hope God has for them.

Some of our children are unable to go into high school but desire to go to a technical school to learn a trade.  One example is of our son Dan.  Living on the streets from age 4-10 hindered his ability to do well in school.  His heart is to be in full time ministry and he feels learning a trade would give him “tent-making” skills to help support himself while also being a pastor and missionary.  We are fully supportive of his dreams and we want to see him “learn how to fish” rather than just give him a fish to eat for a day.

In order for our children to advance to either high school, college or technical school, we are in need of $10,000 to go towards our education fund to cover costs coming up in January for our 12 students.  Because our sponsorship is still lower than needed to save for our children’s future education, we are urgently needing to raise funds for the 12.  If you would like to make a donation towards this, you can do so through paypal or by sending in a check.  All donations will go directly to the children.  We are a registered 501 (C)(3) and all donations are tax-deductible.   Click on the donate tab above to direct you to options on how to give.

We can’t do this without you and want to thank you all for the ways you give, pray, love, listen and engage in the lives of our children.

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Mattaw Ministries is a recognized non profit incorporation with a 501 (c) (3) tax status. All donations given to Mattaw Ministries are tax deductible. Please consider giving today.

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