Hello from Kenya!  We are excited to share some new happenings around Mattaw Children’s Village.  We have been quiet here on our site, but we have a lot of updates to share and new videos coming up of each area of Mattaw Ministries!

This year has been a great year of more dreams coming true.  We wanted to share with you two major areas where that has happened.  At Mattaw, we now have many teenagers.  Our first children in 2008 were just babes and now they’ve grown up!  So you can imagine that means we have children dreaming bigger and talents coming out that we didn’t know were there.

One area is that we have started our first Mattaw Running team.  As you know, some of the best olympic runners come from Kenya.  It was not a surprise that some of our youth would discover a talent in running.  We have a large group at Mattaw that will exercise by running but from that group, we narrowed it down to a core group that would actually get on a training schedule.  They trained hard and ran their first half marathon a few weeks ago.  We are incredibly proud of our first team!  We also were thankful to have found a coach.  He has trained for years and ran many races with Kenya’s elite runners.  We are now planning to have a cross country team and also a track team.

The race that our team ran a few weeks ago was located in an area where many olympic atheletes go to train.  It didn’t take us long to discover why.  The course was very challenging but thankfully it wasn’t that much harder than the paths our team trained on in the village surrounding Mattaw Children’s Village.

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If you come on a team and want to hit the trails with our team, they’d be happy to slow it down a bit and give you a good Kenyan running experience :).  So don’t forget your running shoes!

You can read more about it on the Huffman’s blog:


While we are talking about running, we currently have a group from out in West Texas putting on the second annual Race 2 Rescue event for the Mattaw Children.  It is a virtual run to raise support for Mattaw Children’s Village.  Thanks to a few donors, 100% of the registration fee goes directly to sponsorship, meaning it all goes to the children.  Which means you get a free shirt!  Our greatest need right now is monthly sponsorship.  If you can’t commit or you already are committed to sponsoring our children, this is a great way to also give a one time donation to help fulfill all the current monthly needs we have at Mattaw.  We hope that this event will also bring awareness to the sponsorship need we have.  If you want to help be a voice for children that once had no voice, you can help us get the word out!  Here’s the link to read up more:


Check out the super fun shirts this year!

race shirts









Another huge answer to prayer has been some new friends of ours, The Joshua Blueprint.  This is a new organization that was led by God, through several connections, to come out the Mattaw Children’s Village.  We are their first pilot project but you would think they’ve been around for years with all the fruit coming out of the lessons they’re doing with our children.  They come out two days a week and have four classes per week which are dance, drama, vocals and instruments.  Our older children are absolutely loving the classes and the younger ones are eager for the day they have their chance.  Here’s a quick film to give you a quick glimpse of their hearts and vision.

And here’s a video to share a summary of the first 9 weeks of class.  If you would like to sow into this financially, Joshua Blueprint is raising funds for more instruments.  OR, we are in need of another guitar, guitar strings and picks.  We could figure out a team coming over this summer that would be willing to bring, just email us: kimberly@mattawchildren.com

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  1. S'ambrosia April 19, 2015 at 6:15 pm

    Thanks for the sweet write up. 🙂
    We were just thanking God again tonight for setting us up with you guys. We know there’s no better place we could be right now. Mattaw kids are polite, respectful, and extremely talented. Thanks for letting us work with them!

  2. bababud April 23, 2015 at 11:48 pm

    You are sure welcome, we are so blessed to work with y’all!

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