Mattaw Children’s Village was started in the hearts of many individuals years ago.  It was officially established in 2008 and we welcomed home our first 12 children.  Ultimately, it was all birthed out of the heart of God and His desire to see orphans cared for and restored into a family.  It was through a handful of people that heard the call, felt the heart of God and stepped out in boldness by simply saying “YES! We hear your heart God, and we will follow Your lead to bring home children into a family”.  That handful of people has grown to a big team.  People from many states and countries.  People that Jesus has drawn to help those that were helpless.  Will you join too and hear His heart beat for the orphans?

Watch more about the vision and heart of the Mattaw Children’s Village.  Hear him call.  It just takes a simple yes and He will lead in how you can be a part of orphans becoming sons and daughters.

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