This year was a wonderful Christmas at Mattaw as we celebrated the birth of our Saviror, Jesus Christ.  We also celebrated that He is coming back to earth to ransom his beautiful bride.  It was a wonderful season of being reminded of why we celebrate Christmas.  The children at Mattaw did an advent calendar in each of their homes where they would open an envelope each night and read a scripture together as a family of a prophecy in the Old Testament telling of Jesus coming and then how in the New Testament it was fulfilled.  We also did many activities leading up to Christmas.  Once a week we rotated houses to go and help a widow in our community.  We also took children to visit the children in the childrens ward at a hospital to pray and encourage them.  We watched Christmas movies, made popcorn, ate chocolates and also made cookies once a week.  Lastly, the children were gifted on Christmas day with packages of goodies provided by friends and family from around the world.  We want to give a huge thanks to all those that gave.  On Christmas day, we also roasted several goats.  Some goats gifted to us from America and other goats given to us by his excellency, the Vice President of Kenya.  Thank you to the donors that gave and also a huge thanks to the Deputy President.   The children were so full and happy by the end of the day!  Our mamas at Mattaw Children’s Village also helped to make cake for Christmas to celebrate Jesus’ birth.  The dads helped wrap gifts a few days before and handed out the gifts on Christmas day.  And the day wasn’t complete without a huge dance party.  We then sang songs of praise and worship to our King Jesus to keep the main thing, the main thing.  Here’s a few pictures from the day.












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