Short Term Mission Trips

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A short term mission trip to Mattaw is typically 10-14 days in total duration. You will spend 7 to 10 days actually in Kitale, Kenya at the Mattaw Children’s Village. We require at least 6 months in advance application for a team in order to prepare best on both ends. It is extremely important that a team is led by one or more leader and they have a clear mission and daily schedule for the trip. Some areas we can use help with at Mattaw is by doing a Vacation Bible School for the kids, a sports camps, construction, medical and part of it being a vision trip to catch the heartbeat of why we do what we do. People often come to impact lives, and that for sure happens, but what we often find is their lives are radically changed for good. It’s often trip that Jesus totally wrecks peoples heart in a good way and affects the rest of their lives.

If you are interested on leading or joining a team please email us at or

Currently, because of strict immigration laws, we are unable to bring over anymore long term volunteers other aside from our current one. We also aim to have all volunteers and staff be mostly Kenyan. In future we hope to make it possible, in accordance with Kenyan law, to bring over long term volunteers that will be trained and equipped in foreign missions by serving at Mattaw while also going through the ministry school at Mattaw. If you feel led to do this in future, although we can’t say when, we would love to know you’re interested. Send an email our way!

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