New Mattaw shirts and sweatshirt available until November 30th!  We hope to offer new designs in January.  All funds go to our greatest needs monthly to meet all of our children’s needs.  Below you can order through paypal.  (if you have any issues with paypal, please let us know!)

Or you can send in a check. […]

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We are celebrating all God has done in our midst.  This year is our 10th anniversary.  And we have new Mattaw gear for sell to help us raise funds for the Mattaw Children!  Funds will go towards our current basic needs for the Mattaw Children such as food, medical and education.  Education is considered more […]

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Grateful for 10 Years

We are grateful for so much today.

We are celebrating 10 years.  And we are so grateful.

Grateful to God for 10 years as a non-profit.  But it is so much more than a ministry or an organization.

We are grateful for 10 years of seeing lives rescued, redeemed and the gospel of Jesus released.

10 years ago the […]

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Happy GOOD Friday!

Bwana Asifiwe!  (Praise the Lord)


A quick update to say hi and direct you over to the Huffman’s blog!


We have some updates to share from across the sea but check out the update in the above link and we’ll be sharing with you soon!  All our children, from 6 months old up to 21 years old, […]

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House FIVE!

Today we want to share with you about how incredible our Papa God is!  In 2011, house five was built by a team (thank you all that were part of that!).  We thought surely we could have house parents trained, funds for the finishings and furnishings on the inside and get new babies moved in […]

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Our Merry Mattaw Christmas Part 2

After the moms and dads spent all morning cooking and preparing, we then welcomed the Deputy President of Kenya  and his wife, Mrs. Rachel Ruto.  You can read about that on part 1.  After the excitement of our honored guests came, we began our feast.  The day before Christmas, we slaughtered one of our bulls […]

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Our Merry Mattaw Christmas: Part 1

Greetings to you all from Kenya!

We want to share with you about our very merry Christmas day at Mattaw Children’s Village.  It was such a memorable day that no one will forget.  We have broken down the day into two parts so be sure to read part two after this one.

The week before Christmas, all […]

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