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Mattaw 360: Day 43

Hi and welcome back to our first Mattaw360 blog of 2014!  Happy new year!

Last year we started sharing with you the whole vision of Mattaw and have called it “Mattaw 360”.  This is a chance for those that are new to Mattaw to start on day one all the way through day sixty, where we […]

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Our Merry Mattaw Christmas Part 2

After the moms and dads spent all morning cooking and preparing, we then welcomed the Deputy President of Kenya  and his wife, Mrs. Rachel Ruto.  You can read about that on part 1.  After the excitement of our honored guests came, we began our feast.  The day before Christmas, we slaughtered one of our bulls […]

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Our Merry Mattaw Christmas: Part 1

Greetings to you all from Kenya!

We want to share with you about our very merry Christmas day at Mattaw Children’s Village.  It was such a memorable day that no one will forget.  We have broken down the day into two parts so be sure to read part two after this one.

The week before Christmas, all […]

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Mattaw 360: Day 42

Welcome back to sixty days around Mattaw Ministries!  Today we continue to share with you another story of two children living in house four.  We aim to have 12 children in each house, six boys and six girls.  When an emergency case is referred to us though, if we can not find placement somewhere else, […]

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Mattaw 360: Day 41

Welcome back to Mattaw 360 as we continue to bring you all around Mattaw Ministries and share with you what God is doing in our midst!  From the past to the present and then we’ll end with what God has put in our hearts to do in future, it’s a full 360 degrees, sharing all […]

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A Merry Mattaw Christmas!

Hey friends and family of Mattaw!

This season is one to be celebrated for all the lives our King Jesus has rescued, redeemed and released the Kingdom of heaven upon!  We are celebrating the fact that Jesus was born on this earth for a mission  to redeem all that was lost.  At Mattaw Children’s Village, we […]

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Mattaw 360: Day 40

Hey yall,

We apologize for the long break from day 39 up to today, day 40!  We can hardly believe it is December.  We are already preparing for the celebration of Jesus, although we celebrate Him everyday!   We have twenty more days to show you around Mattaw Ministries and what better way to do it […]

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Mattaw 360: Day 39

Welcome back to Mattaw 360!  We are taking you around Mattaw Ministries to give you an overall picture of what God has given us a vision to do.  The point of the sixty days of Mattaw360 is to mostly introduce new people to all we do.  After we have finished the 60 days, we will […]

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Mattaw 360: Day 38

Today we are sharing with you about our school! At Mattaw Children’s Village, we have a primary school that starts at pre-k and goes up to class 8 currently. As our children grow, we are developing a high school as well. Currently we have three of our children in high school but are attending other […]

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Mattaw 360: Day 37

Welcome back to Mattaw 360! We continue to bring you around Mattaw Ministries and share the heart of all we do. At Mattaw Children’s Village, our vision is to bring in children once orphaned or abandoned and place them in families. We currently have four houses with a Kenyan married couple living in each one. […]

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