Turkana Family Story

If you're new to our story and wondering how we were led to the Turkana tribe, here's the story of our family.  Turkana is a tribe and a region.  They also have their own language, called the Turkana language.  The Turkana people are nomadic.  Their diet mostly consists of meat, blood, and milk.  The meat,

Team Mattaw: June 2018

You might have found this post after clicking on our newsletter.  If not, you can sign up for monthly newsletter found on the home page of our website. This is our team from Mississippi that came to serve at Mattaw in June 2018.  What an incredible week it was!  There are so many ways the


    Part of our mission is to see the gospel of Jesus released on the earth.  So much of that will happen as our children are raised up and released into the world as adults.  Our children are rescued at a young age but they do grow up!  We love the rescue and redeeming


We are celebrating all God has done in our midst.  This year is our 10th anniversary.  And we have new Mattaw gear for sell to help us raise funds for the Mattaw Children!  Funds will go towards our current basic needs for the Mattaw Children such as food, medical and education.  Education is considered more

Grateful for 10 Years

We are grateful for so much today. We are celebrating 10 years.  And we are so grateful. Grateful to God for 10 years as a non-profit.  But it is so much more than a ministry or an organization. We are grateful for 10 years of seeing lives rescued, redeemed and the gospel of Jesus released.

Mattaw Christmas

It's a Merry Mattaw Christmas !  And we wanted to say Merry Christmas to all our friends and family around the world.  We also want to give a huge shout of ASANTE (thank you) to our good good Father for sending His son into the world to rescue, redeem and release the Kingdom of Heaven

Mattaw Story Time: Three Brothers

Currently our biggest need at Mattaw is sponsorship of our children. We have over 100 children that we aim to provide the best care possible in every area of the child's life. By sponsoring one of these children's lives, you are giving them a hope and a future. You are partnering with God's heart to

Mattaw Videos: Kimbilio Girls Home

In 2010 we began to become more aware of the problem around the world for young girls that are being abused, trafficked and forced into extreme physical and sexual abuses.  The statistics are alarming.  In developing countries it is even more alarming.  We heard the alarm go off loud and clear as cases became more

Mattaw Videos: Sprouts Baby Home

At Mattaw Children's Village, we have expanded in a few areas and call these our "branches".  One of those areas is babies.  These are the tiniest little treasures brought to us that have been abandoned or orphaned. Some of them have literally on their last breaths of life and God lead us to them at the

Mattaw Videos: Mattaw Academy

At Mattaw Children's Village, we are committed to seeing each individual child be restored holistically.  A huge part of that is through education.  Children in Kenya know the value of education and take it serious.  Without telling them, children will often wake up at 5am to finish chores so they can start their school work.

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